I passed a tech screen at Facebook, I also passed a coding and a system design interview at SO.

I had a call with a Shopify recruiter today after passing a tech screen earlier. They will look if they could hire me. I should have told that we would go back to the USA in January period.

Just to say, that today I focused on System Design concepts and tried to solve Design Pastebin which was a good start.

But then… Dynamic programming is hard man. At least for me, at least now.

I think I should lightly practice different topics tomorrow and tomorrow evening I have a technical screen.

Wow, 2 weeks passed… My first paid project for a really good company didn’t succeed unfortunately. Apparently, my story where I was meant to demonstrate project management abilities did not blow their mind.

At the moment, I am interviewing at different stages with 4 companies. I am increasing the number…

Lots of comms on LinkedIn and a couple of calls with some progress.

A couple of more applications on companies’ websites.

I feel inspired because I don’t wait and I am being open with potential employers about my remote situation.

I solved 4 easy and 1 medium problems about Linked lists.

I started going broad with topics first having covered 3 of them in the past week, and not gone deep in each one.

But my idea is to re-iterate on each one soon to repeat and practice more.

I also have a few calls with a recruiter today and in the next couple of days.
I quickly uncover when some companies are looking for US-based candidates by explaining my situation upfront to the recruiter which I think saves our time, since one thing is when they 50/50 on employees based outside the US and another thing is when they are adamant to hiring those.


Programmer with 10 yrs of experience in different programming languages, tech stacks and domains. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-sitnikov-26599842/

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