13/09/21 — first paid task and other updates

I finished a first paid project for a well-known safe-browsing engine development company.

It was about describing a project where I demonstrated project management skills. The deadline was 5 days, and their estimated time was 3 hours.

I finished in about 5 hours and was satisfied with my story. We’ll see how it goes.

On another front, some leads that I had with recruiters from LinkedIn ended with not proceeding further. It was either they found another candidate, or after consulting they wouldn’t hire people from overseas (core business hours, or not allowed to work with people who are overseas)

However, explaining my situation and that I’m based out of the US and incur no local tax liability and that I could be put on an American team helped a couple of times. So that’s something definitely worth keeping in mind. Like a trick up the sleeve.

At the same time Dell and Slack rejected my initial application through their website without further explanation. I guess, I should try other vacancies (as maybe I wasn’t a good match for those I applied) and/or find other companies to apply. Thinking of remoteok, stackoverflow and many bookmarks I saved in my browser. I should also use my friend’s recommendations. I use google sheets to track all of my applications which works pretty well.

Oh, my friend from Facebook recommended there, we’ll see how it goes too.

At the moment, I applied to 12 major companies with a remote culture. 2 rejected, with 1 I’m interviewing, another one got my referral and I’m awaiting what they think. The rest hasn’t responded yet or sent an email we’ll let you know if there is a match.

Amongst 10 smaller companies I contacted on LinkedIn: 6 couldn’t proceed (there were no interviews), for 1 I submitted an online task, 1 proceeding, 2 haven’t replied.

Also, last week I set my LinkedIn to the country where I am and the number of messages from recruiters dropped by about 90%. I’m putting the US back with the idea to connect and explain my remote situation. Otherwise, my name just doesn’t come up in search results.

Programmer with 10 yrs of experience in different programming languages, tech stacks and domains. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-sitnikov-26599842/